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Eagle Tool and Die Production

Coating & Curing Equipment

Standard Features:

  • Coating and curing applications with coating thickness less than 3 micron
  • Rigid or flexible substrates
  • Each major element has independent control to optimize the coating process
  • Dial indicator read out and micrometer adjustments for repeatable and consistent machine adjustment
  • Reduce coating solution consumption
  • Easy clean up
Optional Features:
  • Static Elimination
  • Enclosed self contained Clean Room, 3 Micron or better
  • Foreign Material removal
  • UL listed if needed
  • Curing lamp Monitoring
Coating systems: We have a standard coating equipment line, which we can modify to suit your specifications. We have provided coating systems for flexible and non-flexible substrates, plus unique and uneven shapes. We are experienced in Ultraviolet coating and curing, along with other types of coatings, such as hot melt adhesives, water base solutions and solvent based.

Some of the methods we use to perform the coating operation are Roll coating, Slot coating dies, Spraying and wire wound roll application.


Please see our related page to tell us about your application.


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